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We revolutionize agriculture

trecker.com digitizes one of the oldest industries in the world - agriculture. Our farm management software enables agricultural businesses to document as well as analyze all their work in real-time and to make data-driven business decisions.

Agriculture is to date one of the most underestimated and unrecognized industries. As a matter of fact it is, however, one of the biggest and most innovative markets worldwide and in many countries the #1 employer.

Added value in agriculture (in USD)

People working in agriculture

From “Agriculture” to “AgTech”

The agriculture of the future will and must be different from today’s: In 2050 there will be 10 billion people on our planet. Approximately 3 billion more than today. Agriculture must thus increase its production by two third to meet the food requirements.

Timeline: Number of people one farmer feeds





The problem:

Until 2030 there will be 300.000 square kilometers less farmland - amongst others due to urbanization. At the same time, a significantly higher number of people need to be fed from fewer farmland.

How can we feed 10 billion people?

1. Yield efficiency

Increase of yield on the remaining farmland

2. Supply chain efficiency

Save yield losses with more efficient supply chains

3. AgTech

Innovations & technologies that increase precision in farming and reduce the growing complexity farmers need to deal with

Powering the future of farming: AgTech

With about 286.000 farms the German market alone offers a huge potential. In the US, where the market is already a little further, the potential for farm management software is estimated to be nearly 1.8 billion dollars in 2022 - at a CAGR of 14.03%.

The hidden champion: AgTech emulates FinTech

Total, FinTech, and AgTech venture capital investment 2015 in billion USD (Quelle: Monitor Deloitte, 2016):

100+ Startups Powering The Future Of Farming And Agribusiness

Quelle: CB Insights 2017

Which role does trecker.com play?

trecker.com’s farm management solution is one of the innovations that support farmers in their business - specifically through the reduction of complexity of information.

Many farmers continue to rely on offline solutions. trecker.com is putting an end to the time consuming and imprecise paperwork while enabling farmers to save time and make data-driven business decisions.

Data collection

Via smartphone app farmers document what happens on their fields: Who did what and when on which field?

Data analysis

Every single recorded information is gathered in the online platform of the respective business where they are properly documented and accurately analyzed. In the near future, more data sources such as weather or satellite data will be integrated as well to provide farmers with the best possible database.

Farmers cannot do anything about weather & prices. But they can influence their costs!

“Farmers are making tons of business decisions based on gut feeling. We have developed a software that provides accurate metrics in order to make data driven business decisions and to manage their business in a more efficient + profitable manner.”

Miro Wilms, Founder

Years since foundation

Euro Investment in 2014 (Target Partners)

Euro funding in 2017 (European Union)

trecker.com 2012 was founded by Benedikt Voigt and Miro Wilms on the campus of the Humboldt University in Berlin. Voigt was previously an international SAP consultant with passion for programming and hence responsible for the technical implementation. Wilms has gained extensive experience in several internet start-ups - amongst others in one of Berlin’s biggest exits in 2016 - and thus brings profound business acumen.
Today, trecker.com boosts digitization to an economic sector heretofore unrecognized by most companies.

To develop the best software for agriculture the two founders paired their expertise with the experience of highly professional farms. There, they spent several months in the company and also worked on the field. By now, trecker.com cooperates with numerous agricultural companies and employs around 20 people. In November 2014, Target Partners - one of the leading technology investors in Europe - invested 2.1 million euros in the young software platform. In addition, the European Union supported the development of trecker.com with 850,000 euros in 2017. In July 2018, trecker.com was acquired by Yara and became part of the business unit “Digital Farming”. The purpose of Yara Digital Farming is to develop new digital plant nutrition solutions and to offer applications that support farmers in managing their business in a more profitable and sustainable way.