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Acreage index

Automatic documentation in the acreage index

With the farm management software trecker.com information is digitized right at the moment of their generation. All data regarding finished tasks, incurred costs and working hours is automatically transferred to the acreage index. Never again paperwork, never again entering data by hand into the acreage index. On top of that: you can access the (historical) field documentation at any time via smartphone app. Hence, you always have your business in the pocket and on hand whenever you need it!

Working times

Invoiced working time and working time accounts

Your employees use the smartphone app to work off tasks. Thanks to GPS data the farm management software trecker.com records working times for specific activities (for example set-up, transit time, working time, court time) to the minute precisely - without your employees needing to grab the phone!
trecker.com processes this data and provides a clear overview so you can easily detect optimization potential related to business procedures (e.g. transit times). Also, the working time management of our farm management software summarizes and illustrates the working hours. trecker.com allows you to easily access work time information to comply with the minimum wage legislations or simply for payroll.


Easy planning and controlling

The farm management software trecker.com helps you plan all the work you or your employees want to do - even when being on the move. With just a few clicks you can create tasks, assign them to specific employees, and select fields, machines and resources. In addition, you have a real-time overview of tasks where you can see which tasks are already finished, the ones in progress as well as the scheduled tasks. This makes management of employees and machines much easier and efficient!

Cost & Analysis

You can save costs and optimize processes

Things that used to be cumbersome in the past, are significantly simplified when using trecker.com because it allows you to do parts of your work with a click of the mouse: trecker.com gathers all costs and fields related to one task, then does all calculations and illustrates all relevant key figures graphically. This allows you to easily and quickly detect costly aspects, compare fields and plantation, identify potential for improvement, and allows you to make informed, data-driven business decisions. Thanks to the analyses and the identified potential for optimization you will have more money on your bank account at the end of the year.



Dispatcher looking for the chaff cutter? Auxiliary searching the field? That’s in the past! trecker.com shows your employees and auxiliaries where fields are located, navigates them to the fields if necessary and shows where they can find their colleagues. This facilitates collaboration and saves time.

Weed infestation, game damage, measured data etc.

Something is growing on the field that is not supposed to grow there and your employees are not sure what it is? Or they discover game damage and want to inform you about the exact location? Using trecker.com you and your employees can set pins and add notes as well as pictures on the digital map. As a consequence, you do not have to go out to check but can check comfortably in the geo notes of the acreage index and decide how to deal with that. trecker.com’s geo-notes are also very handy to record measured data or collecting points during harvest.

Cost allocation

(Internal) cost allocation

If you are cultivating fields from other people, or if you belong to a machinery group or a large company with different legal units, you probably need to do a cost allocation. With trecker.com you can evaluate costs of individual farms. In our software you can create several companies including their fields and resources (machines, employees etc.). When tasks are in progress the software automatically detects which resources are being used. At the touch of a button you can then evaluate which company unit worked how much for another one. This way you save on complex offsetting and at the same time you get all information for the cost allocation quickly and easily.