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What customers say

The biggest advantage is that I have everything in one place: on my smartphone. It’s quick and easy to use. Everyone can use it! In addition, the field map is worth a mint for us! Michael Kopf

Walter und Michael Kopf GbR (320 ha)

The software is really great and people enjoy using it! We really appreciate that everything - including time & costs - is documented as soon as you get of the tractor especially during those long shifts. Bernd Elsbecker

trecker.com gives us the opportunity to reduce our office time by half thanks to trecker’s real time documentation via smartphone. On top of that, the detailed cost monitoring allows us to optimize our workflows and the machine usage and thus save more money. Michael Schulz

I use trecker.com because I can quickly and easily document everything and send out new tasks. I do not need to write something down for my coworker or call him. On top of that, trecker.com allows me to record data such as work time, tooling and break times in real time and without paperwork. Finally, I always have an eye on the working time accounts - without a time stamp clock. Lutz Imhof

trecker.com is an easy-to-use, hands-on program. While you start driving, you can create the task with the app and you can start working right away. Everything is automatically documented. Extremely helpful are the location-specific notes. I quickly set a pin including a note whenever I see that plant protection is necessary. Oliver Winkel

Fertigrasen-Farm Winkel-KG (40 ha)